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  • 5 Days of Work Looks

    Sep 17 2014

    Hi Makeup Geeks! I wanted to share with you 5 different work appropriate makeup looks that will inspire you as you head to the office for...

  • Lets Talk Make-Up Brushes

    Apr 19 2014

    Over the years my collection of make-up brushes have grown so much, from cheap and cheerful make up brushes to high end good quality brus...

  • How Many Makeup Brushes Do You Use on a Daily Basis?

    Apr 11 2014

    Have you ever counted ‘em up? For me it depends. Sometimes, it’s up to 30 (!) if I do multiple looks in the same day. Read more here.X

  • Parfums de Nicolaï Amber Oud: Soothing Comfort

    Apr 06 2014

    Close your eyes, and imagine diving into a pool of lavender ice-cream. As the bracing herbal bouquet swirls in the air, tonka and vanilla...

  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Have It All Travel Case

    Mar 31 2014

    When travelling it's so important to have a sturdy case to pack your makeup in. I've heard so many horror stories of people getting their...